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I was looking at the calendar and saw that today is World Mental Health Day. I also noticed that last week was National Taco Day and next week is National Pasta Day. As someone who advocates for mental health (head massages as I like to call them), it seems utterly appropriate to be sandwiched between 2 such gloriously comforting food days, doesn't it? If you are struggling with mental health, please text 988 for support.

Here's what we're digging lately...

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1. If you are parched when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the men in your life, allow us to help you. Orphéon Eau de parfum from the long-standing cult brand Diptypque is abundant with notes of juniper berry, cedar, tonka bean, and jasmine. A beautiful, olfactory portrait of a legendary bar where the founders loved to get together - amid curls of tobacco smoke, powdery trails of blusher, and burnished wood. 

2. Whether you're a swimmer or a surfer, these Yucca Fins are a welcomed addition to your routine. The fins have a ton of flex and pop for all-day comfort. Soft rubber with full-length rails that provide support allows them to be dynamic and adapt to the wave. Made from premium Malaysian rubber. Let's roll  🌊 🏄🏾‍♂️

3. Chanelling Margot Tenenbaum? When hair accessories became Julianne Goldmark's go-to form of self-expression, she decided to make her own. She launched Emi Jay alongside her mother in 2009, and since then the brand's designs have been worn and supported by celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain, and Harry Styles - even landing on Oprah's Favorite Things list several years in a row. 

4. This Herringbone Terry Uniform Hoodie from NY-brand Aimé Leon Dore is the perfect Fall transition piece for both men and women. 100% cotton, machine-washable, and responsibly made in Portugal. #perfectgift

5. Have you booked your vacay and now you're just impatiently waiting for that flight to come? Pop a few of these Vacation Classic Spray Sunscreen in your carts and ship them off to all those attending to get the vacation juices flowing. The leisure-enhancing formula will be certain to keep your spirits up until that flight whisks you away to paradise

6. No better way to hop aboard a flight to Palm Springs (or anywhere for that matter) than with this oversized FUN TIME tote from Immodest Cotton. Scream vacation without screaming at all and watch people recoil with jealousy (not in a mean way). Sewn from heavyweight undyed and unbleached canvas with one interior pocket, this heavyweight champ will be sure to garner you a few smiles. 

7. Piecing together the most important components of a vacation for you here: sunnies are a must. These Foygel Suns from the uber-chic, under-the-radar, high-quality, and yes, high-price tag, NY-based brand Moscot are a splurge for those of us who are good at making things last. Très chic. 🤌🏼  😎

8. Our house highlight this month goes to....well not a house. Chic Chic Boom is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, beautifully appointed townhome in the Uptown Design District of Palm Springs.  Pack your swimsuit, gather your BFF’s, and make this a stay you won’t forget. Enjoy seamless indoor/outdoor living and unparalleled mountain vistas that truly capture the essence of life here in sunny Palm Springs.  Don't forget to make the 45-foot swimming pool a part of your daily zen. 

9. Hot brand collab: female-owned RHODE x WEST ELM gives us this Wiggle Rope Bath Mat. Whimsical, absorbent, and 💯 cotton, this number will perk up any loo in the house. Fashion insiders love RHODE for its distinctive silhouettes in unforgettable prints. 〰️

10. 2 things I truly love: anything gummy-related, and small, thoughtful gifts. Maison Boissier Heart Sweets hit both nails on the head and we think that's SWEET. Plus the tin packaging gives you a lovely little trinket box to use for other things post-scarf sesh.🍬

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