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We are in that strange time of the year when summer has come to an end, the days are now short and the next few months just seem to fly by. It doesn't matter how prepared of a person you are, 'tis the season for feeling like our lists aren't getting any shorter until that elusive first week of January. Anyway, here's what we're digging lately

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Here's What We're Digging...

1. Perfect poppy-colored nails are the holy grail for us here at Poppy (see what we did there?) and this pristinely packaged bottle of joy is the Galahad of the mission. Simultaneously classic and pop modern, Les Mains Hermès Nail Enamel will forever have our hearts. 💅🏽

2. Happiness is so often found in small, ritualistic moments. Noticing sensorial cues that set the mood: putting on a good playlist, touching flowers in the garden, the light at sunset, or lighting that candle in the most beautiful way you could imagine. Enter the JFM Brass Striker from GOOP. What looks like a cylindrical container from far away is actually a chic match holder that works triple duty as a striking surface and an objet d’art. 

3. Lesson #23 in designing a proper MCM home: Place an iconic patterned large box on your vintage Moroccan tea table to hold your remote control, deck of cars, and other TV room accoutrement. Pair said box with this book, and this book and this rug. Et voila, you're fabulous.

4. You know how sometimes you buy a beauty product and you're not really feeling like it's doing anything but you keep applying it anyway? Well...that is not the case for this Superberry Hydrate & Glow Dream Mask from Youth To The People. Slather it on night one, and by morning you're feeling glowy, plump, and hydrated. The best part is it's also counteracting uneven texture and dullness. 🫶🏼

5. There's no better way to make an inexpensive, but delicious bottle of cava feel chic than to pour it into these Vintage Art Deco Champagne and Cocktail Coupe Glasses. In fact, these glasses make any drink look good. We can personally attest to this Bubbly Boulevardier and this Citrus-Prickly Pear Elixer as two stand-out alternatives.

6. Luxury and culture king, Assouline has a brand new book out called Bauhaus Style and we've already ordered our copies. Assouline celebrates the iconic art movements and design styles that have shaped our world and this book shows us the power of the Bauhaus and its societal critique, and why the movement remains as relevant today as it did in its revolutionary beginnings.

7. Did you know that Leanne Ford's husband is Buck Mason's cofounder and CEO Erik Allen Ford? Anyhoo, we think this Italian Slub Linen Polo from Buck Mason is the perfect top to lounge around town in. Pair it with winter-white denim, and a chunky cardigan for chilly nights.

8. This petal-pushing party ashtray, has five removable petals to pass out to your friends. Each petal acts as a personal ashtray, perfect for a single jay. Better yet, all of the poppy’s stamens can be removed and used as poker/packing tools when you and your crew are rolling your own. Party on lovies. 💨

9. The newest member of our Poppy family, What Happens In Vista is a true gem of a vacay-stay that embodies the essence of Mid-Century modern architecture. Designed by Charles Dubois and constructed by the illustrious Alexander Company in 1963, this home encapsulates the timeless beauty of its era while seamlessly integrating contemporary comforts. Book a stay for you and your loved ones so you have something to look forward to in the upcoming winter months.

10. Matcha on the go? Yes, please. The Matcha Stick from cult brand CAP Beauty is vibrant, bright, grassy, and bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, and life-force minerals. Known to enhance mood and create a relaxed yet focused alertness, consistent matcha consumption improves everything from the appearance of our skin and hair to our hormonal health, cardiovascular system, and immune response. How's that for a feel-good ending?

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